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Meet your instructor…

BRYCE NICASTRO has taguht as a Voice Teacher and Musical Director since 2013, following a musical career in professional theater, opera, and orchestras. At the age of four, Bryce picked up the Violin and continued his musical studies throughout high school when he switched his focus to singing and musical theater. This lead him to audition and be accepted to major music conservatories around the country such as Juilliard, Manhattan School of Music, and Mannes. After schooling in New York, his studies brought him back to California to major in Vocal Performance at UCLA where he earned leading roles in the main stage operas.

Bryce’s desire to teach was influenced by his world-renowned voice teachers Cynthia Hoffmann (The Julliard School), Neil Rosenshein (Manhattan School of Music), Juliana Gondek (UCLA), Nina Warren, and also his Alexander Technicians Jean Luis Rodrigo (UCLA) and Kate Conklin (UCLA/Cirque Du Soleil). With these extraordinary instructors, Bryce moved to teach with students appearing in several professional productions in San Diego and Los Angeles county and accepted at schools such as UCLA and NYU.

There is no single approach to teaching voice that Bryce calls his own ’technique’ but he incorporates aspects of a variety of disciplines into his teaching, based upon the unique needs of each student. His main focus is to enhance each student’s musical education, confidence, and musicality awareness in singing to help increase stage performance.

Bryce is offering lessons at various prices, depending on which lesson you are interested in receiving. Please call 916-706-2000 or email to inquire.

There is a $100 deposit to sign up for the class. That amount will be deducted from your first month’s class fee once classes start.